If you suspect your significant other is being untruthful or may be cheating, we can help.

By the time you call us, you may already have something to support your suspicion but need more concrete proof, such as pictures or video.

We use the most up to date surveillance techniques, equipment and databases in order to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision once you receive the facts.


Child Custody

If you are involved in a custody dispute and suspect that your child is being neglected or not cared for properly, call us and we can discuss your options.

If you are represented by an attorney in a child custody matter, it is always best to discuss the option of hiring a private investigator with your attorney first.


General Intelligence

Sometimes surveillance is needed in order to gather intelligence. Whether it is to prevent corporate espionage or to gather any type of information covertly.

Call us for a free and confidential consultation. As long as your surveillance needs are ethical and legal, we can help.

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