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Workplace Investigations

Wrongful Termination: 

If you are an attorney and need support in investigating a wrongful termination case for a client, we can help. Our team has experience conducting Human Resource Investigations and employee misconduct investigations.

These types of investigations require proper documentation of policy violations, witness statements and collection/retention of other evidence.

Sometimes corporations do not investigate allegations of misconduct properly. They may have unqualified persons conducting the investigations, or may have violated policy or laws themselves during the investigation.

Having conducted hundreds of employee misconduct cases of all types, our investigators can prepare an analysis of discovery.

We are certified in the industry standard interviewing techniques, and our investigators are experienced and equipped to re-interview witnesses involved in the case.


Internal Investigations:

If you are a small business owner or even a large company that does not have internal investigators on staff, we can provide those services.

Our team has experience conducting internal investigations involving crimes such as theft (embezzlement), sexual harassment, workplace violence, and various other forms of employee misconduct.

We not only conduct the investigation, we prepare detailed reports that will include facts about the case as well as evidence collected to support termination or prosecution referral.

We can also assist in obtaining restitution or civil demand in order to be compensated for losses due to employee theft.


Employee Misconduct Interviews:

Employee interviews are conducted in a non-confrontational manner by investigators trained in the industry standard techniques by Wicklander-Zulawski.


Retaliation Investigations:

Most large corporations have specific policies against retaliation.

An employee that comes forward with allegations against another employee, supervisor or executive should not have to be in fear of retaliation.

If you are an attorney with a client that has been retaliated against, give us a call and we can assist in the investigation by conducting interviews and collecting evidence in regards to the retaliation.


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