Signs Your Significant Other Might Be Cheating On You

Signs Your Significant Other Might Be Cheating On You

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Signs Your Significant Other May Be Cheating On You

When it comes to cheating, there is no one sign that will confirm whether someone is being unfaithful.  Suspicions are usually based on a change in behavior of the potential cheater and doing things that are out of character.  When someone expresses concern that their partner might be cheating, it is usually followed by examples about a change in their usual habits, such as being overly protective with their phone, sudden weight loss, working long hours, or a change in spending.


The Smartphone

Technology has changed just about everything in our lives.  Especially for those of us that can remember talking to someone on one of those weird looking things with the numbered buttons and strange coil connected to a handset.  Smartphones have made it easier for “the cheater” to not only hide the shenanigans but also to meet people to cheat with in the first place.  Probably the most common sign that we hear of at Blackhorse Investigations is the hiding of the smartphone.  Does your significant other take it with them when they shower, sleep with it no more than six inches away from their face?  Do they make sure to turn the phone off when it is charging and they are not in the same room?  Again, this alone does not mean much.  It is the overall change in behavior with other red flags that should concern you.


Body and Appearance Changes

Remember when you first fell in love?  Nothing else was important to you, not even eating.  You may not have had an appetite or maybe you just watched what you ate a little more so as to stay trim for your new boyfriend or girlfriend.  If you are already suspecting something is going on and there is an unexplained weight loss or an uncharacteristic urge to work out at the gym and it’s not even January 1st yet, they might be cheating.  Weight loss usually requires new threads as well.  Is the potential cheater buying an unusual amount of new clothes and suddenly concerned with their appearance?


Long Hours

Work……work, work, work, work and work.  Is your partner all of a sudden, a workaholic, after years of complaining about their job?  Maybe they have always been a hard worker, but now their job seems to be having long and late business meetings.  This too could be a sign that something is going on.



Not everyone shares banks accounts with their significant other.  But there are still signs to look for when it comes to finances.  Dating can be expensive, especially when you are trying to impress the other person.  Some cheaters may not be “dating” at all, but rather choose to seek the company of a paid professional, a sex worker or may frequent strip clubs.  While to some people, the latter may not be considered cheating, to others it can be.  One sign to look out for if you do happen to share bank accounts is unusually large cash withdrawals.  When we are talking about cheating, cash does not leave a trail like a shared credit card does.  Another sign might be new credit cards that you did not know about.


The Conclusion

The signs mentioned here are not all inclusive, but they will give you a place to start. If you are seeing multiple red flags and need to find out for sure, Blackhorse Investigations can help you get the information you seek.  If there is in fact something going on, our investigators will provide you photos, video, and detailed reports of the findings.  Finding out the truth will help you get closure, obtain documentation for court, or it may even help save your marriage since some marriages do survive infidelity.


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