Locate Someone

Have you been trying to locate a long lost love or friend?  Have you tried everything in trying to locate someone who owes you money so that you can take them to court?  Were you adopted and now want to find your biological parents?  Maybe you have a family member that has gone missing and have already reported it to the police, but they have exausted their efforts in finding them.  We at Blackhorse Investigations can assist you with this.  Whether it is through databases, state repositories, social media, open source intelligence or surveillance, we are experienced in this area.

Sometimes people have gone missing because they do not want to be found.  Others have gone missing and there is no real explaination as to where they might be.  Our investigators are equipped, prepared and experienced in the area of locating people.  

Every locate case is different, so we will listen and provide you with an estimate of cost and an investigative plan during your free  and confidential consultation.  Call us today so we can get started helping find the person or persons you are looking for.