Is That Profile Really Them

Is That Profile Really Them

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Reverse Image Searches

We are going to show you a way to determine if the picture on a profile belongs to someone else (Stolen).

The internet has provided some anonymity to people that seek to deceive or defraud us.  Someone can create an online dating profile or other profile and purport to be anyone they want.  They can lie about their name, their job, income, and they can also use any photo they want during their deception.  If you are a person with very limited investigative knowledge and have little knowledge of technology, how will you ever find the truth?


There is something you can do that is very simple and will be the beginning of your journey to find the truth, or at least confirm or disconfirm your belief.  You may even save yourself a lot of time and money by avoiding fraudulent activity being perpetrated against you.


One very easy thing you can do that will likely yield very quick and accurate results is using Google’s reverse image search.  The potential fraudster likely did not use his or her own photo for the bogus profile.  They likely downloaded the image from a legitimate person’s profile on some other website, or maybe they are just using some stock photo from some random model they found on the internet.  There is a way to find out where that picture belongs, or at least everywhere it has been used.


First you will need to right click on the suspected image. Save the image to your computer and get ready to feel like you are a PI.

After you have saved the image and are ready to begin, do this:


Click on this link or copy and paste it into your browser address bar -


Once you are there, the page will look very similar to a regular Google search page.



At this point you will click on the small camera icon below and to the right of the Google lettering.  A box will appear with two tabs.  You will choose the “Upload an Image” tab and then click on “Choose File”, select the image from the location you saved it on your computer.


Once you have chosen the image from your computer and click “open”, Google will do the search and present URLs where that exact image is being used. This could be in just one website (the one you already know about), which is good news and likely the person you thought was lying, might really be who they say they are.


I want you to be aware of a couple of things.  As with any investigation, a suspicion does not necessarily mean that the person is guilty of what you believe they are. You will want some type of proof before accusing or confronting someone.  In other words, the image may come back to nothing at all and Google may only provide results for other images that have similar colors as the image you searched. You may also receive results that only show the image being associated to other dating sites.  This does not necessarily mean that the person is trying to con you.  They might be on other dating sites as well.


Once you reach some results with the image search, you may want more answers, which could be harder to find if you do not have the proper access or investigative skill that a private investigator possesses.  That is where we come in.  Blackhorse Investigations can look further using open source intelligence techniques or using exclusive databases.  Call us at 1-800-741-9239 for a FREE and confidential consultation.

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