Background Checks

There are numerous sitiations where a person or business would need a background check on someone.  You might be dating a new person and just want to verify what they are telling you is true. You might be about to make a large business decision that involves someone that you may not know a whole lot about.  Getting a background check in these situation and others is a good idea in order to prevent fruad or other danger.  

As a business owner, you want to make sure you hire the right people and make sure they do not have a criminal record. Obtaining a background check may save you a lot of trouble and may prevent employee theft and fraud to your business.

At Blackhorse Investigations, we not only provide background checks at a reasonable rate in Tucson, but we also provide throughout the State of Arizona.  If you are anywhere in Arizona, we can provide the services you require.  Call us for a free and confidential consultation .  We will tailor the background specifically for what you request and will provide a professional summary of the information found.